Best Steering Wheel Locks

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Car Theft In The USA | An Alarming Statistics

Against 1, 00,000 people, almost 237 incidents had happened which involved auto theft in 2016. The rate was 7.6% more than the previous year. The rate has been increasing slowly, but in a disturbing manner in 2017 and 2018 too.

That’s one vehicle every hour. The Insurance Information Institute ( says that a total of 5.9 billion dollars was lost in the process. In national holidays, the rate is even higher than other days.

What Is A Steering Wheel Lock?

Steering wheel locks, also known as anti-theft steering wheel locks, club locks or crook locks, has been in use since the beginning of the 19th century. Historically, that was a time when car sales were booming and cars were symbolized as a sign of modern, progressive America. Companies encouraged ‘one home, one car’ chant and salesmen stayed busy in hunt of new customers.

So were the thieves. Since many of those cars came with an open roof, they were often being tempted to give it a try. Steering wheels delivered some level of protection to the car owners.

A steering wheel lock is a visible lock that is made to dispirit approaching thieves. As the name suggests, they usually immobilize the steering wheel of a car. Previous crook locks were a bar that connects the steering wheel with the brake pedal or clutch pedal. Nowadays, traditional wheel locks are more visible from the outside, spreads over the wheel and dashboard, making it impossible to steer the wheel freely.

Types Of Steering Wheel Locks

There are several types of steering wheel locks. Their price, mechanism, and degree of protection differs from each other. Some locks cover the steering wheel fully or partially. They provide advanced security but are difficult to store in the car. More traditional types are a stick like locks, with hooks to attach to the wheel. They usually extend towards the brake or clutch pedal.

More advanced steering wheel locks come with their own alarm and LED flashlight system. It alerts the owner as soon as someone tries to make an attempt. These advanced locks will be slightly costlier, but when it’s your car on the line, the price will seem trivial.

How Does A Steering Wheel Lock Work?

Many people don’t know how to use the club steering wheel lock, thus uncertain about how effective it will be. Well, they might not be invincible, these locks can be your car’s last layer of physical protection.

So how do they work? Traditional wheel locks come with hooks moving over a shaft. The owners use the hooks to place the rod along the steering wheel. The rod has an extended part known as the club. Since the hooks are locked with the wheel by extending the shaft, the club cannot move due to the door, roof or floor. If you cannot move the steering wheel, you cannot move the car, that’s the concept.

Obviously, different designs and locking mechanisms have been introduced over the years. But the core concept remains the same.

Comparision Chart of Steering Wheel Lock

Product Title

Dimension (Inches)

Weight (Pounds)



Shop Now

The Club 1000

4 x 9 x 6


Traditional Bar Shaped

Self-Locking, Universal Fit

The Club 3000

5.3 x 6.5 x 24.8


Traditional Bar Shaped

Twin Hook Design


17 x 17 x 3 (Medium)


Complete Enclosed

Total Wheel Enclosing Design, Spin On The Wheel


17.5 x 6.1 x 1.2


Bar Shaped

Multipurpose, Safety Hammer And Window Breaker.

The Club 1102 LX

5 x 9 x 4.2


Traditional Bar Shaped

Blue Metallic Color, High Quality

The Club CL303

10 x 5 x 1


Wheel To Pedal Lock

Very Cheap

Powerbuilt 648466

10 x 5 x 1

12 Ounces

Wheel Lock Plate

Help Remove The Wheel

Top 7 Best Steering Wheel Lock Reviews

1. The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

Welcome to the club, not one you usually go to. Rather, it’s a club that guards your car. The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock. This is a lock that comes with the good old design, along with a self-locking feature. The self-locking feature allows you to lock the club with one pull.

The lock comes with two hooks made of solid steel. The solid steel, combined with Cro-Moly steel alloy, forms a strong structure that resists sawing, hammering even Freon attacks.

The lock comes with a long extension, making it a universal fit. Anyone shouldn’t have any problem using it for cars, trucks, SUVs. Releasing the lock is also easy, even in winter season. The manufacturers are so confident in this lock that they offer a warranty period. Within this period, if your vehicle is stolen, they’ll cover 1800 of the insurance money. (Not applicable for all cities though)

One of the main reasons to use wheel locks is to keep prying thieves away. This wheel lock does the job well with a highly visible red colored design. It is only 9-10 inches long when not extended and weighs 2 pounds. Thus, you shouldn’t have any problem storing it in the car.


  1. Solid steel with Cro-Moly steel construction.
  2. Fights physical attacks like hammering, sawing, and Freon.
  3. Can be used with almost any vehicle thanks to the universal fit.
  4. Comes with a bright, visual color.


  1. A basic wheel lock. While it’ll do well as a deterrent, you need a better option for a higher degree of security.

2. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock

What makes The Club 3000 stand out from the crowd is the crazy cheap price it comes in. But does that means the lock has lack of features? Heck no! For starters, it comes with a two hook design. Which means it has two double-sided hooks that interlock with the wheel so securely, the thief will need to make twice the effort.

Only the look of the twin hook will be enough to keep most unwanted visitors away. For those who are desperate enough, the Cro-Moly steel construction makes their work challenging and time-consuming. Sawing, Freon attack or brute force hammer attack, the lock will make their work harder.

The wheel lock comes with a bright yellow color, which a protective plastic coating above the painting. The locking is fairly easy, you can do it with a single draw. What makes the lock even more secure is the secure housing.

One of the main reasons to use wheel locks is to keep prying thieves away. This wheel lock does the job well with a highly visible red colored design. It is only 9-10 inches long when not extended and weighs 2 pounds. Thus, you shouldn’t have any problem storing it in the car.

The wheel lock comes with a bright yellow color, which a protective plastic coating above the painting. The locking is fairly easy, you can do it with a single draw. What makes the lock even more secure is the secure housing.

The old school steering wheel lock comes with a universal size. So you can use it for cars, SUV and small to medium trucks. The club 3000 is only 3.5 pounds in weight, yet the construction is bulky, making it an ideal lock to use. The manufacturers guarantee up to 500 dollars if there’s any harm inflicts on your car while it’s being used.


  1. Cheap steering wheel lock with convincing features.
  2. Twin hooks to make the work twice as hard for the thief.
  3. Bright, visible yellow color with a protective coat.
  4. The lock housing makes the lock even more secure.


  1. Might not fit with certain vehicles.

3. Disklok Security Steering Wheel Lock

Most of the traditional wheel locks use hooks to secure the wheel. While that is effective to a degree, a persistent thief might still work around them if given time. Thus, it’s always better to employ higher security for your car.

The Disklok Security does it in a different way. Instead of just using hooks and locks, it encases the whole steering wheel, that too with 11 pounds of hardened steel. The company comes with three sizes, small, medium and large ranging between 13.7 inches to 17.3 inches. Sizes for all types of vehicles are available, just make sure you’re choosing the right size.

The lock is a great visual deterrent. For example, a sight of the steering wheel totally encased will discourage most of the thieves. The shiny silver appearance makes sure the lock can be seen from outside. As if it was not enough, Disklok provides window stickers which will work as a ‘stay away’ sign for notorious thieves.

The Disklok steering wheel lock is designed in a way that it’ll slide around the wheel once attached. That means no matter how much the thief spins it, the wheel won’t move. This patented design protects the airbag and discourages keyless entry attempts.

The locking barrel is a piece of art. It comes with hardened steel construction with an anti-drill and anti-theft protection. This is what you see, what you can’t see is more impressive. The lock has 10 internal disks that spin when any drilling attempt is made. Since there are millions of possible combination for these disks, it’s almost impossible to open.

The lock opens with laser cut keys, which is only provided by Disklok. They aren’t keys that can be copied easily or replaced by a master key. Disklok provides 3 keys in case you lose one.


  1. One of the best steering wheel-locks with encased wheel design.
  2. Made of hardened steel to prevent brute force attack.
  3. Spins on the wheel to make it impossible to drive.
  4. As it covers the wheel, the airbag stays protected.
  5. Secured by internal disks with over a million possible combinations.
  6. Laser cut keys that cannot be copied easily.


  1. Might feel heavy, because it is. But is there anyone to complain knowing this lock actually delivers some REAL protection against theft? Guess not.

4. Monojoy Car Steering Wheel Lock

Winner International’s Club wheel locks had ruled the market for a long time. With the arrival of companies like Monojoy and Disklok, the monopoly seems to have ended.
Especially when Monojoy came with a traditional looking lock with even better quality than some of the Club models, the crowd embraced it.

So, what makes Monojoy stand out? Well, the design and quality of their product have been vetted by car owners, mechanics and even cops. The heavy-duty metal body frame seemed to be convincing them all. The wheel lock is usable in almost any models, as it can be extended between 17.7-28.7 inches

The lock is a great visual deterrent. For example, a sight of the steering wheel totally encased will discourage most of the thieves. The shiny silver appearance makes sure the lock can be seen from outside. As if it was not enough, Disklok provides window stickers which will work as a ‘stay away’ sign for notorious thieves.

The model discourages keyless entry theft by its shiny metallic look, but the look isn’t all it has. The body is made of hardened steel that can fight against sawing, Freon attacks, and hammering. Also, anyone who just focusing on the lock will mostly be disappointed due to the B+ lock cylinder.

The device locks and unlocks the wheel in a jiffy, without jamming. The lock doesn’t open with regular keys. Instead, Monojoy provides 3 laser cut keys which are tough to replicate thanks to the curved and snake shaped grooves.

The end of this lock comes with a cone head made of solid steel. This essentially works as a glass breaker in case of emergency.


  1. Solid, hardened steel construction with a metallic look.
  2. Multipurpose, also works as a window breaker and safety hammer.
  3. B+ grade lock cylinder to protect the lock.
  4. Original laser cut keys with curved grooves.
  5. Comes with an affordable price tag.


  1. The finish might not feel that appealing. But it’ll do what it’s supposed to do.

5. The Club 1102 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock

This was introduced on the market as an upgrade for older models. However, the look might not reveal why it’s called an upgrade. The Club 1102 LX comes more heavy and strong than other models, with other features being the same more or less.

It comes with the Club’s patented self-lock feature, which allows you to lock it with a pull. As for the color, the navy blue color isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it will deter most prying thieves.

There are other identical models that come with more color options. The Club 1103 has everything the 1102 version has, only it comes with Silver color.

The lock comes with laser cut keys. Like other locks from Winner International, it also comes with a warranty that covers up to 2000$ of insurance money. Being a universal fit, you should be able to use it with almost all kind of automotive vehicles.


  1. Leaves no paint residue or fades easily thanks to the plastic coating.
  2. Easy to use with auto lock feature, but hard to neutralize for thieves.
  3. Non-duplicable laser cut keys.
  4. Universal fit for cars, trucks, jeeps, and SUVs.
  5. Best club steering wheel lock that strikes a nice balance between price and quality.


  1. Might feel heavy to some, but it’s the heaviness that contributes to the resistance against sawing, hammering and Freon attacks.

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6. The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock

Do you know why the club steering wheel lock reviews are so impressive? Here’s one reason, these locks come with products for every budget ranges. Determined to get a quality lock regardless of the price? You got it. Have a budget even less than 10 dollars? They have the option for that too.

The Club CL303 is the cheapest option you might find on the market. And coming from the market leader, you can rest assured of its quality too. The design and construction are pretty basic and simple, but it’ll do what it’s supposed to do.

The lock works with almost every vehicle due to the locking length being 22.5 to 30 inches. The weight is only 2.55 pounds. Though it’s made for automobiles, you can use this lock for golf cart and boat propellers too. The bright red color is clearly visible from a distance.

Like other models, the CL303 comes with the self-lock feature. The tempered steel construction will give you a degree of physical protection, but more than that, it’ll work as a visual deterrent.


  1. Super cheap, yet comes with decent quality.
  2. Tempered steel to not easily give up against physical attacks.
  3. Visible bright red colors to discourage possible crooks.
  4. Lightweight and universal fit.
  5. Might face difficulty locking the bar under too much tension.


  1. Might face difficulty locking the bar under too much tension.

7. Powerbuilt 648466 Steering Wheel Lock Plate

This product is slightly different from the products we have reviewed above. First of all, it isn’t for all vehicles. It is made especially for GM and Chrysler vehicles. So if you own any other car models, the products reviewed above should already give you some prodigious options.

To some of our readers, the design of this lock might seem unconventional. How the heck is this one going to lock the steering wheel? The answer is, it won’t. It doesn’t lock the wheel and make it immovable with a bar.

Instead, it does the thing in a different way for only GM and Chrysler car models. It lets you remove the wheel altogether. Which eliminates the possibility of somehow breaking the wheel lock and driving your car away.

However, it might not always be possible to remove your car wheel altogether, especially if you’re busy, or stopping for a short time. So it’s not a complete alternative for traditional wheel locks

It can be a great option for you if your car isn’t on the road, or you don’t need to use it for some time. Especially in an area where stealing from residence is a common occurrence, this lock will come in handy.

So how does it work? It is not a steering wheel puller in case you’re wondering. This device is used after you remove the steering wheel. It attaches to the steering shaft and then compresses the lock plate. This way, you can remove the locking ring to install later.


  1. The device depresses locking plate to keep your car secure.
  2. Removing your steering wheel altogether will make the work harder for the thief.
  3. Comes with a cheap price tag.
  4. Not usable with cars other than GM and Chrysler car models.


  1. Might face difficulty locking the bar under too much tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Car Anti Theft Devices?

There are several devices that can work as car theft protection devices. They are different in prices, their working mechanism and the security level they provide. The bad thing is, professional thieves always come with some sort of solution against any device. But the good news is since car theft is a time-sensitive matter, the appearance of car protection devices might be enough to demotivate any wandering thief. Steering wheel lock.

The devices are-

  1. Steering wheel lock.
  2. Car tire lock.
  3. Car monitor camera.
  4. Car anti-theft alarm.
  5. Kill Switch.
  6. Car anti-theft GPS tracking device.

How To Install A Steering Wheel Lock?

By installing we doesn’t mean you have to keep a club lock installed all the time. So it’s rather planting instead of installing. The process is fairly simple and would take a minute or two.

The hooks move over a shaft. Traditional steering wheels have 2 or more hooks. You have to place the rod over your wheel, extend the shaft to that the hooks interlock with two opposing sides of the steering wheel. You’ll use a key to finally lock the rod. This way, anyone wanting to move the steering wheel won’t be able to do so, thanks to the extended part of the rod.

Do Steering Wheel Locks Deter Thieves?

Thieves have come up with a solution for every security system of a car. Be it a keyless lock or a tire locking device, they can work around everything if given time. Time is of the essence when it comes to stealing something like a car. And that’s the main concept behind the use of steering wheel locks.

Should you lock your steering wheel? You should. Often, a car thief has no shortage of options and he’ll go for the easiest chance he has. Sometimes, they spend days to observe and plan a theft. Car owners, by any means, should make the job harder.

So, what does steering wheel lock do? They lock the wheel and work as a level of protection. But what’s more important than that is, they deter the thieves. Thieves looking for the easiest options will compare between security systems of the car. What will allure them in your opinion? A car without any lock or a car with a wheel lock?

It’s not easy for any thief to break the door lock, remove the wheel lock and hotwire the car without needing time. They’ll need 1/2 tools apart from the time. Often, the level of work is enough to discourage an inexperienced thief. Since they are looking for quick grabs, at least you’ll get so leverage comparing to other cars.

Although, there is no hard data for evaluating steering wheel lock effectiveness, you can use your common sense to understand the logic. Professional thieves will always come prepared for anything you throw their way. What you can do at the least is making it hard. Someone who just broke the door or shattered the car window, have to hot-wire the car fast. A steering wheel lock lock can be the object that finally discourages him.

How To Break The Club Steering Wheel Lock?

It might seem strange that we’re discussing steering wheel lock removal in this article. Well, some of us might face the mishap. You might forget or lose your keys to your lock. A good chance is, you are using the club device as your lock. There are several things you can do to solve this problem.

  1. Call the police. That’ll take time and paperwork of course.
  2. Call a locksmith. That’ll cost you money, sometimes up to 75-100 dollars.
  3. Solve the problem yourself. Let’s go through the steps-
    You can use Freon to open the lock. At the end of the lock, there’s a valve like part which can be unscrewed. You can remove the screw, let Freon flow towards the lock. Freon can make the metal so sold that it’ll actually become brittle. A strong but careful impact with the hammer and the lock will break. Remember, keep your skin and breathe out of contact with Freon while you do it. Gloves and goggles are a must.

    You might ask if you can do this, why can’t the thieves? Well, you have time and authority to do that, which most of the time they don’t have.

    You can use brute force. Since the shaft is spread, the lock at the middle is weak. You can use a screwdriver and a hammer to break the thin gear of the cylinder at the middle of the lock. Usually, a key aligns with the gear, thus opens the lock. But since you’re breaking it and shearing it clean, the cylinder should open up with the screwdriver.

How To Choose The Best Steering Column Lock


With police patrol cars running around, wary car owner like you and me and observant neighbors, stealing a car is a time-sensitive crime. The thieves have to break the lock, break the steering lock, hotwire the car and drive away. They would want to do the job within a very limited time before anyone sees them or a patrol car suspects something.
This means they’ll always search for the easiest picks. It’s simple, if you can pick up one less enemy, you’ll do it. That’s why, club locks are something you don’t just want as a locking device, and you’d want to make sure the thieves see it before making an attempt.

Most anti-theft steering wheel lock companies manufacture the locks shiny and bright. This way anyone can see them from distance. More advanced wheel locks like Master Lock 243 comes with LED lights. It blinks when the device is locked.


You know, not all thieves will play it nice with their strategy. Some will come prepared and with the tools. If a thief determines to saw through the lock, you want it as tough as possible for them. Locks made of hardened steel or aluminum are tough. Sometimes, great metals and alloys are used. The toughest material is the titanium.
Thieves use, saw, hammer or Freon to break your wheel lock. Cheaply made locks will give the resistance away too easily. Materials we discussed above will provide a good degree of resistance.

3.Universal Fit

Unless you are driving something completely unconventional, you shouldn’t face problem using most of the wheel locks. Usually, they are made in a way that fits between almost all wheels. While there’s no reason to worry, just check the gap between hook openings to make sure they fit properly.

4.Lock And Keys

There are many locks people think are secure, but in reality, there are master keys that can open them in a jiffy. What good is your lock if it can be opened by a clever person with a master key? To prevent this occurrence, your steer wheel lock should come with laser cut, unique cross key design. There are locks that eliminate the guesswork and come keyless. For example, some locks come with internal disks with millions of possible combination, making it very hard to open for someone who doesn’t know the correct combination.

Since the lock guards one of your most valuable possessions, companies try to manufacture unique keys for the lock. Most of the locks come with laser cut keys. Companies like Disklok manufacture keys that can only be cut by a specialist. Companies like Eforcer come with a cross key design which is very difficult to replicate.

These companies, however, provide 2 or 3 keys in case you lose your key.


Many of us don’t rely on a single device to prevent car theft. That’s only normal because losing your car will inflict far more financial and other damages than a few hundred bucks. There may be few scenarios, steering wheel lock isn’t your only protection, so you go for a low budget option. Or, you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for your prized assets. The good news is there are options for either scenario. All you have to do is determine your expected level of security and budget, then look for products that match that price range.

We have reviewed the best options from every budget range. So hopefully it won’t be much of a challenge if you know what you’re looking for.

Wrapping It Up

It’s not a pleasing scene to leave your car in a place and find the space empty after coming back. Still, this displeasing scenario has been happening around for a long time, and the rate is increasing. While you cannot do about the statistics or the whole scenario, what you can do is improve the security of your car.

Using the best steering wheel lock will add a layer of security on top of what you’re using already. But what’s even more important is the signal it sends to possible cat burglars. It makes them apprehensive about one more challenge, which they’ll happily trade for easier picks. The products we reviewed are the market dominators, and hopefully, you’ll find a suitable option within your budget range.

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