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A tourniquet is a constricting device which is used to stop the flow of blood in venous and artery circulation by compressing a limb with a tight bandage for a long time of period

In ancient days, people used tourniquets in the battlefields to first aid wounded soldiers. Even Alexander military medics have used tourniquets to save their bleeding soldiers. Later, technology has developed different models and designs of tourniquets which increased the usage.

Tourniquets apply pressure upon the skin and tissues which induce pressure on walls of vessels causing an interruption to the circulation. A best tourniquets is a most important tool used in the medical profession, emergency tool kit and military medics. It controls the flow of traumatic bleeding, cannulation and saves the life of the victim. Scientists have designed different types of tourniquets to save life threatening situations.

Comparison Table of Best Tourniquets:

Tourniquet -(ORANGE) Recon Medical Gen 2 Combat Military Issue Army 

Best sellers Rank

Item Weight

2.4 ounces

Tourniquet - (Black) Recon Medical Gen 3 Combat Military Issue Kevlar Stitching 

Best Sellers Rank

Item Weight

0.3 ounces

North American Rescue Military Issue Combat Application Tourniquet, Black

Best Sellers Rank

Item Weight

2.4 ounces

Top 10 Best Tourniquets Reviews In 2018:

We know that it is a very hard task to find the best in the rest. There are thousands of products available in the present market. To save your time and energy, we have selected the best products for you after many tests. Here are top five tourniquets for you.

Recon tourniquet is a life-saving equipment and our favorite product in this list. This tourniquet is designed with the best features and saves the patient from hemorrhaging.

It is designed to be 100% effective and stops arterial blood flow within the short amount of time. You can quickly adjust the pressure and allows you for self-application. 

 Recon company designed this tourniquet to save a patient in all types of emergencies and mostly used in military medics. It is very light in weight and easy to use. Here are more features about this product.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • Designed with patent pending finger hole which gives you better grip in blood, mud and wet weather. You can add this tourniquet into emergency kits, backpacks, motorcycles, and cars for immediate use.
  • It works very quickly and saves the patient from heavy bleeding. It stops arterial flow within a very short amount of time.
  • Designed as one handed design which helps for self-application
  • Designed with the aluminum windlass.
  • Consists of aggressive teeth pinch buckle which controls strap pealing.
  • Designed with cold resistant technology..

What I like

  • Weather resistant;
  • Easy to use;
  • Quick at work;

What I dislike

  • Issues with the design;

Recon tourniquet is a light weight device which comes in the second position of our list. It is highly durable, reliable and compatible design. It works best in the life threating situations.

It comes in orange color which makes it more visible on the skin. It is designed with good grip and you can easily adjust the pressure.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • Designed with no curl tip which prevents from peeling;
  • Made up of high-quality material;
  • Designed with good grip;
  • Designed with windlass which quickly adjusts the pressure;

What I like

  • Works quickly;
  • Easy to use;

What I dislike

  • Issues with the stick;

North American tourniquet is a Cat tourniquet which is very compatible, light weight and self-applicable tourniquet. It is designed with windlass system which provides you perfect pressure to occlude blood flow in the case of traumatic wounds.

US Army Institute of Surgical Research has proven that this product is 100% effective in the case of traumatic situations. 

It is very compatible and quick to apply. It is very light in weight and have good grip on the patient

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • Designed with NAR red tip technology in which red elliptical tip assists the user to locate easily and to thread easily;
  • Windlass clip secures the device on the patient;
  • Light in weight.-Self-applicable;

What I like

  • Light in weight-highly visible.;

What I dislike

  • Sometimes product may be a duplicate;

A rigid tourniquet is a hard-sided tourniquet designed to provide you easy access to your tourniquet. It works within seconds of the matter. It is designed with special rigid to a case which holds your tourniquet in a secured position with no straps.

 It is designed as a one-handed application and anyone can apply it even with bloody or gross hands. Just use the perfect technique to make this tourniquet more effective. It is easily adjustable, quick to stop bleeding and safe to use.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • Designed with good friction which gives you good grip;
  • Designed for easy deployment;
  • Rigid case gives you good and firm grip;
  • It can be mounted vertically, inverted and horizontally;

What I like

  • Versatile in nature;
  • Compatible;

What I dislike

  • Issues with attachment lock;

SOF tactical tourniquet is a well-designed tourniquet which is constructed with high-quality materials. Windlass in this tourniquet is made up of a solid piece of aircraft aluminum which can survive extreme temperatures and conditions. 

It is tested and proven as 100% effective by US Army Institute of Surgical Research. The fastening system can make it easy to hold in soiled, muddy and wet situations.

It is designed with dual locking rings which offer backup locking system. It is made up of strong materials which make it highly durable. It protects you safely from life threating situations.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • Made up of aircraft aluminum;
  • Designed with safety set screw which prevents accidental release of pressure in tactical patient movement;
  • Dual locking rings offers secured system;

What I like

  • Safe and secured belt;
  • Highly durable;

What I like

  • Issues with the counterfeit;

The Rapid Application Tourniquet System is a popular name among military, police and other forces. This is considered the best combat tourniquet because it is effective, easy to use and fast when used in stressful and tough situations. The RATS tourniquet was designed by a Special Forces medic with 28 years of experience.

The design is simple and lightweight. It features a nylon sheath with solid vulcanized rubber core inside. What impressive is, the lock is unique and fast, just what you need under duress. As par US Army Surgical Research Institute, the mechanism is effective in stopping blood flow in upper and lower extremities.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • Strongly built, durable tourniquet which can be used multiple times.
  • Retains its quality for a couple of years, good to use at that time.
  • The design is simple, fast and can be used by one hand.
  • Lightweight, foldable, can be stored easily anytime, anywhere.
  • Animal-friendly tourniquet works well on smaller pet limbs, i.e. dogs.
  • Comes with several attractive colors, making the tourniquet clearly visible in low lights.

What I like

  • Made in the USA, designed and delivered by a veteran.
  • U.S. Army's Institute of Surgical Research approved.
  • Unique lock, solid design, usable for several years.
  • Animal-friendly, comes handy when your pet needs something like this.
  • No question asked money back guarantee, but you won’t need it.
  • The RATS tourniquet reviews have been high among the users.

What I like

  • Users liked its price, weight, and compactness, but according to some, it should be a little bit wider.

If any unexpected event happens, the first priority is to stop the blood loss. No matter what the injury is, quick blood loss can fetch death earlier. In these times, the best tourniquet on the market, Lia Medical Gen 4 will come most handy and all-inclusive.

This LIA trauma kit comes with three essential things, a tourniquet to stop the blood flow, a blanket to keep the body warm, and a trauma bandage to apply pressure to the wound.

The LIA medical tourniquet is wide, made of military style and uses an aluminum windlass to reach ideal pressure. You can use it in one hand. The maylar blanket retains the valuable heat of your body and protects you from cold and rain. The bandage is an Israeli style compression bandage, which can apply up to 30 pounds of pressure on the wound. This can be a soldier’s personal trauma kit…or yours.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • It comes with risk-free purchase thanks to the money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. There’s no reason you should be at loss, monetarily.
  • Tourniquet, blanket and bandage, three essentials in one package.
  • It’s lightweight, compact and comes with multiple solutions.
  • This product is the best tactical tourniquet, registered with FDA and CE.
  • Metal windlass for easy and one hand operation.
  • Applicable in First-Aid Kits, Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, First Responders, Emergency Medical Services, Disaster Preparedness, Sports & Outdoors, Search & Rescue.

What I like

  • Multiple uses.
  • FDA and CE registered.
  • Lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.
  • Small, compact, lightweight.
  • No question asked money back guarantee, but you won’t need it.
  • The RATS tourniquet reviews have been high among the users.

What I like

  • Might come to an item short, rarely. just contact them if it happens.

This one too is a multipurpose product but comes with a cheaper price tag. The black colored package includes a tourniquet, a pressure dressing, and an elastic bandage. Not only the SWAT tourniquet will help clog the blood flow, it’ll help dress and stop the blood loss effectively.

This product was designed and developed by Military and Civilian Special Weapons and Tactics teams. So, you know its tested by people who encounter extreme situations all the time. As they know the importance of stopping blood loss, this device reflects the wisdom by quick appliance within seconds, even though you don’t have any experience. You can apply it higher into the groin and axilla, which doesn’t come easily with other tourniquets.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • This is a very lightweight package at 4.2 ounces. The use is simple too, just stretch, wrap, and tuck.
  • Developed by a former medic with 14 years of experience.
  • Recommended operating temperature is between -53 to 82 degrees Celsius.
  • The tourniquet is of durable rubber, easily applicable by one hand.

What I like

  • Lightweight can be tucked in the back pocket of jeans.
  • Cheap tourniquet, value for money.
  • Multiple uses.
  • Developed by a military person.
  • Highly praised SWAT T tourniquet reviews.

What I like

  • Good to carry and use anywhere as a secondary, but not the ultimate one.

This one comes with one of the top ratings which means users are loving this. So, what are the reasons behind its popularity? I think the low price, yet amazing packaging and easy application even for amateurs. This is an innovative first aid kit designed to restrict blood flows from traumatic hemorrhage wounds.

The dressing is 70 inches long and 6 inches wide. The package includes multiple essentials, like primary and secondary dressing, pressure applicator and closure apparatus for the bandage. The emergency bandage comes with a non-adherent, sterile pad that can be applied, wrapped and secured to the wound. It acts as both bandage and tourniquet.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • The bandage is internationally recognized and FDA approved.
  • Comes with a secure, low cube, vacuum sealed packaging, easy to carry.
  • The compression bandage effectively controls hemorrhage bleeding.
  • An easy learning curve for an amateur, applicable by one hand.
  • The bandage works also as a tourniquet to restrict blood flow.
  • The design comes with a sliding pad to cover the entry and exit wounds.
  • Longer sterile shelf life thanks to the air-evacuated packaging.

What I like

  • X-ray friendly, cheap in price.
  • Water resistant closure.heap tourniquet, value for money.
  • Combat proved, highly rated.
  • Vacuum sealed package, long shelf life.
  • Applicable by one hand.

What I like

  • Might come with expired sterile date accidentally. Just return it and ask for a new one.

For the last product, let’s move into a higher end product, shall we? The RIGID Tourniquet Case comes in a slightly higher price range, but it can be your primary and ultimate tourniquet holder. The product comes with a secure, compact, rigid case which can be kept for years without any decay. Used by professionals all around the globe, this case is also rated high. 

The case is made by injection molding. It’s strong and offers convenient mounting options on your belt or vest. The SOFTT-W comes with a unique design. It uses friction rather than straps or buckles, so less worry and less time needed to pull the tourniquet when time matters. The tourniquet can be pulled gently with one hand from the case. The Tek-Lok belt attachment structure is compatible with up to 2.25 inches belts, which usually covers most police brands.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • The dimensions of the product are 4" H x 1.75" W x 2" D.
  • Compact, easy to mount case weighing only 5 ounces.
  • Comes with a mechanism that uses friction to hold tourniquets.
  • Nylon case, made by injection molding, front panel comes textured.
  • Several mounting position facilities, adjust the height, position it horizontally or vertically.
  • Can be worn with belts, vests, you can even order TQ holder for a MOLLE version.
  • Multiple attaching methods, use TEK-LOK holder, Tactical Tailor Malice Clip or a MOLLE version TQ holder.

What I like

  • Usable with SOFTT and SOFTT-W tourniquets, easy to pull from the caseray friendly, cheap in price.
  • Strong, rigid, mountable case.
  • High-end tourniquet case using friction, no clip or belt.
  • Impervious to snow and rain.
  • Multiple easy mounting options.

What I like

  • You have to purchase the tourniquet separately.

Buying Guide:

A tourniquet is the most effective way to stop heavy bleeding and save wounded person from catastrophic hemorrhage. In the process of Selecting the best tourniquet, you need to know the best qualities and ideal features of the tourniquet. Here are most important aspects you need to know about tourniquets:

1.How did we pick:

After doing more than 100 hours of research and testing hundreds of different types of tourniquets, referring to medical books and emergency survival guides, researching all the consciences of victims, contacting experts in the medical field we have collected enormous information of the tourniquet device. We know that selecting the tourniquet is a very important decision and choosing the wrong one may cost a life. As this device is a major part of the medical kit, we have carefully referred to all the features about this device. Here are ideal features of the tourniquets.

Types of Tourniquets:

The latest technology has designed different types of tourniquets to help in different types of medical situations. Each type of tourniquet is a life saver and offers huge help in medical situations.Here are different types of tourniquets:

Surgical tourniquets:

As the name describes, surgical tourniquets are used by surgeons in the surgical operations. Surgical tourniquets control the blood flow to a limb and allow surgeons to perform the surgical procedure without blood loss. Tourniquets are used in many kinds of surgeries to prevent the blood flow. It easily helps the surgeon to conduct the operation safely and carefully. Mostly tourniquets are used in plastic surgeries and orthopedic operations. In the cases of anesthetic patients, tourniquets prevent the chemical entrance into the general circulation of the body.

Silicone Ring 2Tourniquets:

Silicone ring tourniquets are also known as elastic ring tourniquets. These type of tourniquets are self-contained devices which do not require any wires and tubes. The size of this tourniquet is based on the patient's limb circumference and the dimensions of wounded location. This tourniquet needs two medical persons to operate the device.

Pneumatic Tourniquets:

Emergency tourniquets are the type of tourniquets which are used in emergency bleeding situations and controls the severe bleeding in trauma. Emergency tourniquets work very quickly and stop the blood loss in the victim. It may also cause the death of tissue eventually leading to the loss of the limb. In military applications, this device can save lives in the conditions of major limb trauma. Emergency tourniquets can stop the bleeding within very less amount of time.

Combat/Self-Applied Tourniquet:

Combat application tourniquet are developed by composite resources and are used by U.S military to provide soldiers effective tourniquet in field combat situations. The design of combat tourniquet is designed with windlass with a locking mechanism which can be self-applicable.

Limb occlusion pressure:

Limb occlusion pressure is a term used to explain the amount of minimum pressure required to occlude the blood flow in the patient's limb in a specific amount of time. It also depends upon patient's limb, type of vessel, type of fit and technique used. LOP of a tourniquet is determined by increasing tourniquet pressure till the damaged arterial pressure occluded and blood flow stops.

Limb protection:

For few types of tourniquets, limb protection sleeve is available which is helpful to protect soft tissues under the cuff. It protects the soft tissues from damage underneath the cuff. This option is for the comfort of the patient. It fits snugly in between the cuff and skin protecting the soft tissues underneath the cuff.

Material used:

Tourniquets are made up of high-quality fibers which are very sterile and strong in nature. The fiber used in the taking of tourniquet must be supportive, consists of elasticity, adaptable and must handle the pressure. Also, the material should be gentle and soft to protect the soft tissues from damage. The tourniquet must have a good grip on the limb and secure the injured area.


The weight of tourniquet must be light and should be gentle on the wound. If the tourniquet is heavy in weight it may cause damage to the soft tissues underneath the belt. So, the weight of the tourniquets should be light and sensitive. All the products in our list are light in weight and work perfectly to stop bleeding.


The design of the tourniquet should be simple and easy to apply. One handed tourniquet is well-designed tourniquets which can be applied with one hand and the patient can apply it himself. Also, the tourniquet should be strong and resistant to heat and cold. Tourniquets must be weather resistant, shock resistant, pressure resistant and must be protective. The latest technology has discovered many useful features which save the blood loss quickly and easily.


After the application of a tourniquet, the blood loss must be reduced within 30 seconds to 5 minutes under a good amount of pressure. A tourniquet is a device which is used to save the patient till he reaches the hospital. So, it carries major part in controlling the bleeding. All the products in our list are fast in work and stop bleeding in short amount of time depending on the damage.


The tourniquets must be highly durable and should be very strong. As tourniquets are used in traumatic situations, they must be able to withstand pressure and force in the tough situations. Investing in the one which is cheap may be very dangerous. So, make sure that the tourniquets are high quality, reliable, compatible and work for a lifetime. All the products in our list are highly durable and serve for the lifetime.

2. Reasons to trust us:

In the process of selecting the tourniquets to serve all your medical emergency needs, we have done a lot of research and conducted many tests. After referring to books and speaking to different manufacturers we have learned all the secrets about tourniquets design and how to choose the best one. We have analyzed all the medical facts related to tourniquets and carefully gathered all the knowledge. We have also researched the history of tourniquets and read few best parts where tourniquets saved lives. The products in our list are selected after passing in clinical and manual tests. Also, all the products are user-friendly, compatible and save the patient's life.

3. Why you should get this:

Tourniquets are well known as the fast and effective device to prevent major extremity bleeding in life-threatening situations. Based on the technique and type of fit you used, the tourniquets works very fast to stop the bleeding and prevent the limb from poisoning.

Committee of tactical emergency casualty care has developed guidelines which provide instructions and steps for using tourniquets correctly and reduces the risks of complications. These guidelines explain us best practices and techniques for using tourniquets properly.

Many people suffer from unstoppable bleeding after getting an injury and most of the deaths occur due to heavy loss of blood. There are few other techniques to stop bleeding but tourniquets work fast and stop the limb from spreading the infection to other parts of the body. Proper placement and suitable technique can save the patient from many risks and in most of the military emergencies, tourniquets are life savers.

Tourniquets goal is to stop bleeding, protecting the limb, supporting the limb, reducing chances of hemorrhage, decreasing the risk of infection and totally protecting the patient from harmful complications. It also reduces neurovascular damage and reduces the pain by causing an obstacle to blood flow. However, a tourniquet must not be left in place more than two hours because it can completely damage the limb due to heavy pressure.

4. How we tested:

Our journey in the selection of the tourniquets, we have faced many challenges and difficult tasks to find the best one. We have conducted series of clinical and manual tests to check the quality and ability of the tourniquets. First, we have selected all the top five best tourniquet present in the current market and spoke to the experts in the medical field about their experience with the selected products.

We have conducted a clinical test to check their LOP, maximum pressure, flexibility, appliances, support onto the limb and few other clinical factors. After the test, we are satisfied with the results and proceed to manual tests. In the manual test, we have applied all the tourniquets to patients in injury and observed the results.

All the products are quick in work, reduced the bleeding within a less time and saved the patient from pain. Finally, we are satisfied with all the ideal qualities of top five products and finalized all the products for you.

5. Usage, Care, and Maintenance:

Tourniquets work only under proper pressure and suitable application. If you are the person applying the tourniquet you need to take series of steps to help the patient. Keep your head clean and access the wound. Place the tourniquet proximal to the wound and secure the limb with a certain pressure. This saves the patient till he/she reaches the health care. Tourniquets need a lot of care and good maintenance to work properly. Make sure to use it gently and after usage secures the tourniquet in a sterile place.

Final Verdict

So, you have just seen the top five best tourniquets. Tourniquets save lives by preventing hemorrhage and safely protects the patient from huge complications.

After an extensive research and empirical observation on different devices, we have picked out these products for you. Based on the available information and your needs, you can select the best one which suits you.

After purchasing the best one, the whole procedure depends on you. The user must understand the strength of practice and techniques to use the tourniquet. The best device with effective technique can save a life easily. Be skillful and use your device well.

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