How To Crush Pills | A Complete Guide

If you have the bitter memory of trying to swallow a pill in the childhood, welcome to the club. I have memories of trying to intake a pill several times and that pill will come out of my mouth. Sorry for reminding you the picture, but the reality is, the problem remains same for many even after childhood. It’s not a pleasant situation to be in. So if you know how to crush pills without losing any portion, it will come conveniently for you, your children or someone having the swallowing problem.

How To Crush Pills Into Fine Powder

Knowing how to crush pills into a fine powder will be deemed as an art that’ll be appreciated by all. All it will take is to have a look at the article and practice. Let's check the steps-

Should You Crush The Pill? Consult First

Not all pills are meant for crushing. For people who often face problem swallowing pills, can adopt alternative methods or take the liquid form of the medicine. Some medicine even allows injection method. That will reduce the hassle and effort.
Also, there are pills that are not meant to come direct contact with your breathing, or mouth. Often they come with a coating.
Some pills work in a slow manner, ideally for a whole day. Crushing the will change the way they were made to work, thus making the patient vulnerable to harm.

Best Way To Crush Pills

The best way to crush pills is taking one at a time. This will prevent any chance of wasting extra pills if one goes bad. Also, avoid crushing multiple kinds of medicine at the same time, unless the doctor accepts it.

  • There are several ways to do the task. The easiest way to crush pills is using a pill crusher. That’ll contain the powder inside and prevent the powder from getting to your lungs. Make sure the crusher is clean and dry.
  • You can also use a Ziploc, put your pill into that bag and use a cup or hammer to crush it. This process prevents the powder from getting to air, like a crusher. First, put the bag on a flat surface, make sure the surface is dry.Then crush the pill using some force, you’ll get some big pieces, which will not be even. Don’t worry, shake the plastic bag and crush again. Repeat this process for several times until you get a pill nicely crushed and powdered.
  • A mortar/grinder or spoon-bowl duo works well too. But you might lose some of the portions into the air. Do not forget to clean them every time after use.

Want to know how to crush pills quietly? Use some water to make the pill soft. This works well on a mortar/grinder or spoon-bowl combo. Also, this process prevents the crushed pill from going to air.

Take The Medicine With Some Liquid Or Food

Not all medicines can be mixed with food or juice, this will cause food poisoning. Make sure the powdered pill can be taken with something and learn what type of food is preferable.

Mix the medicine with the food or liquid properly. Take the whole food or liquid, because leaving some of them means you’re not taking the full dose.

How To Use A Pill Crusher

If you know how to use a pill crusher, then you’ll get rid of tons of alternative methods and worries that come with those methods. With an expense of a few dollars, you will get a good service for a long time.

The process is simple. A crusher usually comes is a form of a small bottle, and the cap acts as a grinder. Just put the pill into the bottle, put the cap back in, apply some pressure and rotate in opposite directions to get a fine powder. Do not forget to clean the crusher every time after you use it.


Sometimes using a small equipment can save you a lot of time and hassle. A pill crusher does the same for you. However, it’s always better to know how to crush pills, other than using the crusher. It might be old, or you might forget it on a trip. But you should not face any hassle because of that.

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