How To Cut Pills

Many of us went through the situation. The prescription states half of the tablet, and we burden ourselves with how to cut pills of the bottle safely. It’s an easy job if you know how, or you’ll end up crumbling most of it. Some even choose to have only half of that pill and throwing the other part. Resulting the budget for pills become double.

With a know-how, a little effort and preservation, you can get two months of supply at the expense of one. Before that, you have to know which pills can be cut, how to cut pills, and how to preserve them.

How To Cut Pills Accurately

We will discuss the steps of how to cut pills accurately in an easy, clean way. Let’s check the steps.

1.  Ask Your Doctor, Or Read The Instruction

First of all, check if the pill is approved for splitting. You can know this by asking your doctor/physician directly. You can also look if the pills have FDA approval for splitting, most of the time that is stated in the packet or instruction of the pills.

Some pills lose the effect if they are left split for a long time. That’s why ask your doctor if there is any such problem with your medicine. Generally, the pills can commonly be split are-

  • High blood pressure pills like- Toprol, Tenormin, Zestril etc.
  • Cholesterol control drugs like Mevacor, Crestor, and Zocor etc.
  • Anti-depression drugs like Celexa, Paxil, and Lexapro etc.
  • Sexual dysfunction tablets like Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis.
  • Anti-viral drugs.

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2. How To Cut A Pill In Half

After you get a green light that your pill is okay to undergo splitting, it’s time to know how to split a pill in half.
Many tablets come with a score at the middle part. That doesn’t always mean the pill is approved for splitting. However, having a score will make your job a whole lot easier.

Many people just use a sharp knife for the task, which is an inappropriate choice most of the time. You’ll be losing a portion due to crushing into powder issue, which might result in taking a lower dose than prescribed.

To solve the problem, medicine manufacturers come with pills cutters. Good cutters, like Safety Shield Pill Cutters, allows putting the pill safely inside a box, close the box and let a blade do remaining works. However, make sure the blade is level and not loose, or else the pill will be divided unevenly.

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3. Don’t Do It At Once

Some people choose to cut all the pills in the bottle on the first day, hoping to reduce hassle for quite some time. That’s not a good practice. In the long run, the pills start to deteriorate due to moisture, air, and temperature, thus losing effectiveness.

Rather, take a pill at a time and leave the other half for next use. Do not try splitting a tablet into three parts, because they can be split in half at best. Also, it will be easy because now you know how to cut a pill in half.

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4. Do Not Split Those Pills

Some pills are not meant to cut. It may be confusing for the pills that come with a score at the middle, but the below-mentioned pills are clearly out of the splitting zone.

  • Capsules, they are meant to be taken as a whole. You know what happens if you try to split them, you end up losing the powders or gels inside.
  • Coated pills, they are usually made to swallow with the coat. Splitting might make it hard for the patient to swallow it, even can change how the body reacts.
  • Some pills are made in a way that they’ll work for a whole day or a period of time. Splitting them just changes their property of an extended use.
  • Crunchy pills, they easily turn into powder if you try to split them, or at least lose most of the body.


Knowing how to cut pills is an art that can save your money, hassle and give you peace of mind. Nobody likes throwing half of our supplies to the trash bin. Cutting pills, if done correctly will solve that problem.

Before starting splitting your pills, know if they are suitable for it. Consult your doctor or pharmacist, it’s just a one-time confirmation so that you can continue saving money. Use a splitter, and do not take lower doses just because the splitting went wrong. Take care.

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