How To Cut Pills That Crumble 2020

If you take supplements, medications or vitamins, you may know the frustration of dealing with pills that easily crumble.

 You might have tried to cut these pills with a knife and found that they crumbled entirely underneath the weight of your hand, rendering the pill completely useless.

 For this reason, it's important to know how to cut pills that crumble so that this does not occur any time you need to split them.

Benefits of Using a Pill Cutter

The best way to avoid pill crumbling is to use a pill cutter. The very best pill cutter will quickly and efficiently split the pill in half, preventing it from becoming a powder because of the weight of manually breaking it. 

This will help you to cut all of the necessary pills so that you can take the recommended dosage without any guesswork on your part. These splitters are easy to use and effortless to keep clean, so you won't need to worry about cross-contamination of supplements and medications.

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How to Use a Splitter

Once you know how to cut pills that crumble using a splitter, you'll find that the machine is practically effortless to use. 

 First, you'll take the medication or vitamin of your choosing and place it on the flat surface of the cutter. You will line it up so that you are cutting it in half, which helps to get an even dose. 

You then lower the cap or cover over the pill and it will automatically split the medication in half for you. 

The entire process takes just seconds, so you can even cut multiple pills at once so that you don't need to do this separately each time they're taken.

Final Word

If your doctor has recommended half doses for certain medications, you definitely need a pill cutter in your home so that it can be used as often as necessary. 

This will prevent the pills from crumbling when using a typical knife, and you can rest assured that the medication is being split into even doses. 

Your pill splitter is easy to keep clean and can be used time and time again for this specific purpose.

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