How to Wash Scrubs | Ultimate Washing Guide of Scrubs

Medical scrubs came in one and only one color before, green. But those days are long gone. Now, medical scrubs are not just made to fulfill the necessity, they assist to the design sense of the person too. Flattering scrubs have become the new trend. Like any other clothes, scrubs need to be washed regularly. If you know how to wash scrubs in the proper way, maintaining the quality, as well as the color of the fabric won’t be a problem.

Cleaning Scrubs Uniform Regularly

As a regular clothing, scrubs need to be washed as soon as they get dirty. That’s the general rule of course. But, the significance of cleaning scrubs uniform is even deeper. Medical scrubs get exposed to bacteria and different marks, among them, are blood, ointment, vomit, iodine etc. That’s why cleaning scrubs in more important than other clothes. You don’t want to carry those germs and bacteria for longer without properly washing the cloth.

Washing Scrubs- Should You Do It Separately?

The question frequently asked by people on their laundry day. Should they clean the scrubs separately? Or with regular clothes? Well, if you think from a hygiene sense, washing scrubs separately is better. Generally, used scrubs carry a lot of germs, bacteria, and fluid you don’t want to pass to your regular clothes. Also, cleaning the scrubs need a slightly different method than regular washing, which we will be discussing below. For that matter, it’s preferred to wash scrubs separately.

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How To Wash Scrubs- The Steps

It’s better to wash your scrubs before the first use. This will help the fabric dye to be set. Also, it extends the lifespan of the fabric and provides you with comfort from the first wearing.

If your scrubs are made of 100% cotton, then you should not overlook the sensitivity of the cloth. In that case, you should wash those cotton made, most comfortable scrubs in cold water. Turn the scrub inside out to defend the finish and prevent the color of your flattering scrubs from fading.

Do not apply any commercial fabric softener. They have harsh chemicals that may ruin your cloth. Rather apply a half cup of vinegar to the water. Don’t worry about the smell, it will go away. The vinegar acts as a fabric softener and increases the effectiveness of your washing, making them the most comfortable scrubs to wear.

Some scrubs come with 65% cotton and 35 polyesters. If the label of your scrubs says the same, then you should wash the scrubs in slightly warm water. Avoid too much hot water, which will shrink your scrubs.

As for detergents, you should not be using any generic detergent for your scrubs. Often they contain harsh chemicals and artificial color. Rather, you should use gentle cycle detergents. They will protect the colors of your scrub and extend the longevity of the fabric.

After washing the scrubs, give the clothes ample time to let dry. If you’re using 100% cotton, you should set your dryer at the lowest settings. Otherwise, the fabric will be dull and shrunken. Or you can hand the clothes outside in open sunlight, it depends upon your opportunity.

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How To Remove Specific Marks On The Scrubs

This happens to scrubs a lot. Often your scrubs experience tough stains in form of blood or spilled medicine. Those stains don't go away through the normal process. Here are some tips on how to address those stains.

Blood Stains

They are the most difficult to remove, but not impossible. First, soak the scrubs into cold water. Do not put them in hot water as the hot water will rather settle the stain. After that, apply some heavy duty detergent on that specific part, not on the whole cloth. Rub the cloth gently and let it stay like that for 10 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly. You can use laundry detergents with enzymes for that job.

Feces/ Vomit

These marks generally stay as a layer over the cloth. For that kind of stains, rubbing them beforehand will only let the objects go deeper of the fabric. Rather, let them dry completely and remove them by using the edge of a sharp knife, or tongue depressor. Then, wash them with cold water and apply heavy duty detergents like mentioned before.


They are oily type solutions. That’s why it’s better to use warm water to treat them. Apply a heavy duty detergent in that place and let it stay for 10 minutes. Wash it with enough water.

Liquid Medicine/ Iodine

Those medicines often contain natural color or dye in them, which makes it tough to remove the stain once they spilled on your clothes. To clean them, take some oxygen based detergents and mix them with cold water. Plunge the fabric on that solution for at least for a couple hours. This will weaken the stain and make it easy to remove.

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How To Disinfect Your Medical Scrubs

Your scrubs get exposed to different germs, bacteria or viral infections. That’s why you should avoid putting your scrubs with regular clothes. Also, it’s a good practice to wear gloves when cleaning those scrubs.

To disinfect your scrubs, chlorine detergents work as a good solution. However, you should be careful about applying too much of them because that might harm the fabric.

You can use pine oil disinfects for the job. Make sure the solution has at least 80% pine oil in order to work effectively. Use pine oil with warm water instead of cold water to get the most of the benefits.

Another alternative is using phenolic disinfects for your scrubs. Popular brands, like Lysol, can be used for that.


The steps of how to wash scrubs might sound overwhelming at the first sight. But after the first time or second, you’ll find yourself as an expert on this. Maintaining a proper cleaning system is important in terms of hygiene and durability. Also, they help to protect the glossiness of your scrubs for a long time. We hope this guide was helpful for you. Let us know your preferred method of washing medical scrubs. We are keen to hear from our readers.

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