SOLO Mio Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush

Oily skin, clogged pores, acne- some of the enemies for those who want to stay beautiful, clean and vibrant. No one wants to see their faces turning dull, so often we take things into our hands and start picking those pimples. That results in more acne and scars. The key is to keep your facial skin clean, not just from outside, but also from the inside. SOLO Mio sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush is made just for this occasion. This facial cleaning tool is made to intensify the effects of facial cleansers. They are soft, gentle and provide you a smooth finish with lesser effort.

Why You Should Use A Face Cleanser Brush

  • Using a facial brush provides a deeper pore cleansing than hands. They let the facial cleaners go deeper and work with the darts from inside.
  • They bring the tenacious oils, dust and cosmetics residue out, open up the facial pores and help amplify the effect of anti-aging cream.
  • They provide a nice exfoliation, depending on the brush attached.

What Makes SOLO Mio Sonic Facial Brush Stand Out From The Rest?

Two in One

Solo Mio is both cleanser and massager. They two sides of this massager provide separate benefits. The cleanser fights with the dirt, oil, impurities. The massager fights with aging while increasing blood circulation for a healthier skin. This is known as the best facial cleansing brush for acne, and you’ll find that true within a short time.

Gentle, Soft, Skin-Friendly

All Solo Mio asks for is two minutes from your daily schedule. The brush consists of thousands of top grade silicone micro fingers. They’re super soft and gentle on the skin. Those micro fingers rotate at a speed you can control while cleaning and exfoliating at the same time. This is more convenient than the tiring process of using manual exfoliating facial brush.

Control On Your Hands

Skin type may differ from person to person and the manufacturers were well aware of that. That’s why, the SOLO Mio comes with the most flexible speed settings on the market, 14-speed settings to be exact. Higher frequencies help remove the dirt from deep, while lower frequencies increase the presence of collagen and elastin, to restore your younger self.

Suitable for All Skin Types

The adjustable speed indicates another thing. This product is really sincere to meet the ‘suitable for all skins’ slogan. Oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, you can set your comfort level after some test and trial.

Hassle Free

With one charge, the SOLO Mio cleanser can go for a full month. The charging port has a silicone stopper to protect it. This device is waterproof, so even it comes in touch with water, you shouldn’t experience any issue.


This exfoliating facial brush is lightweight and comes in a nice storage box. You don’t have to stop taking care of your skin even when you’re on a trip. Just tuck it into your purse along with your favorite non-abrasive facial cleaner.

Price and Warranty

Solo Mio is the best affordable face cleansing brush on the market. I’m not saying that just because it is cheap, rather it doesn’t fall behind when compared to costlier options. On the plus side, their warranty is solid, 2 years at the time of this writing.

Physical Specifications

  1. Size: 3.2 x 0.8 x 2.8 inches
  2. Weight: 2.56 ounces.
  3. Materials: FDA grade silicone.
  4. Speed Settings: 14
  5. Speed Buttons: 2
  6. Charging Method: USB charger

Solo Mio Vs Foreo Luna

Foreo Luna comes with twice the price of Solo Mio, but is it the better one? While many users think Foreo Luna is the best facial cleansing brush for sensitive skin, Solo Mio actually outperforms Foreo in some matters. First of all, the price obviously. Secondly, the Solo Mio comes with a broader surface, more micro fingers and sharper angle to reach tough places like the sides of the nose. Third, a whopping 14-speed setting for all types of users. That’s why Solo Mio is the best rated facial cleansing brush at the moment.

Pros Of Solo Mio | At A Glance

  • Latest sonic cleaning expertise with thousands of pulsations every
    minute, always better than a manual face brush.
  • Serves dual purpose, a cleanser, and a massager.
  • Serves dual purpose, a cleanser, and a massager.

Wrapping It Up

You will find the effectiveness of Solo Mio Face Cleanser and Massager Brush almost instantly. It will remove stubborn dirt, oil, and impurities that have been gathering for a long time, after the first use. You’ll see a visible glow to your skin after 2 weeks of use. Your
beauty is important and hopefully, this magnificent device will do justice to that beauty. Several hundreds of satisfied customers can’t say wrong, right?

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