All You Need To Know What Grit Sandpaper For Wood Is Best

As the name suggests, sandpapers are not made of sand, but with grains of the natural mineral garnet, synthetics obtained from silicone car­bide or aluminium oxide. basically, sandpapers are used to make the final touches on woodwork an act referred to as “finishing”.

As a carpenter one needs to know what grit sandpaper for wood to use in order to get the job done the job since there are several categories of grit sandpapers for wood.

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Wood Sandpaper grit Chart

Grit sandpapers for wood come in different types or rather grades. however, the standard grades of papers are range from being fine, medium, and coarse. Their usage depends on the kinds of tasks. On a broad scope grit sandpapers for wood can be grouped into the following grades:

1. Extra fine/superfine/Ultra fine grit sandpaper

This kind of grit sandpaper for wood are ideal for making the final layers while doing “finishing” on wood.its best functionality is to remove thin patches and small final remain on the layer of wood.their average diameter ranges from 15.3 to 23.0 micrometres.

2. Fine grit sandpaper

These kinds of grit sandpaper for wood are used in wood workshops to prepare wood for the final finishing.The diameter size of the particles of the fine grit sandpaper for wood ranges from 115 to 162 micrometres.

3.Medium grit sandpaper

General woodwork at sanding level is best done with medium-sized grit sandpapers for wood. Bare woods which need to be prepared for varnish removal or final finishing are attended to with this kind of sandpaper. The diameter of the grits is determined to be ranging between 190 and 265 micrometres.

4. coarse grit sandpapers

These types of grit sandpapers for wood have more rough and larger sized materials as compared to medium sized grit sandpapers. They are used for rapid removal of debris with little effort although it doesn’t leave behind the smoothest surface texture.Their typical diameter is classified to range between 336 to 425 micrometres.

5.Extra Coarse grit sandpapers

This grade of grit sandpaper for wood is really rough. It’s suitable for removal of all kinds of material during the initial stage of sanding due to its roughness.The diameter of the sandpaper’s grit particles can basically range from anywhere between 530 to 1815 micrometres.

Sandpaper Types

Most people might not know which type of sandpaper they need for the task at hand. Be it a closed coat or open coat sandpaper, there are several options to choose from, that include:

  • garnet,
  • emery,
  • aluminum oxide types,
  • silicon carbide,
  • zirconia alumina and
  • ceramic alumina which is best suited for more aggressive wood surfaces, and lasts longer.


By understanding and observing the above prerequisites, already you have known what grit sandpaper for wood you’ll need while sanding. In conclusion, what grit you opt to use will determine the results you will achieve.


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