3 Things You Should Know About What Grit Sandpaper To Remove Paint From Wood

Sandpaper is highly popular these days.It is considered to be an ideal tool for smoothing down the walls before painting for woodworking.

Let us know, what grit sandpaper to remove paint from wood is best. When you need to remove paint from wood, selecting the right sandpaper grit is essential to have the work done appropriately.

Not knowing the right grade of coated abrasive for the job, either fine or coarse, can ruin the wood accidentally when sanding away the paint.

When you are removing paint, the coarseness of the sandpaper to use will weigh significantly on the type of surface beneath and the quantity of paint you intend to eliminate.

For the thin layer of paint, you can forgo sanding and grits and just make use of a liquid paint remover.

What grit sandpaper to remove paint from wood

1/Coarse Sandpaper

The Coarse Sandpaper is graded between P40 and P80 on the grit level. This form of sandpaper is used to sand away thick layers of paint, and it is perfect when utilized with a power sander.

It is the ideal sandpaper to use when your first wall inspection indicates that there are several thick layers of finish, paint, and primer.Despite the fact that a paint stripper can carry out the same job, sanding by hand is more preferred because it involves minimal tapping and fewer messes.Coarse sandpaper can also be used when you want to remove the paint only from the door frame and allow the walls to remain covered.

CAUTION: Be very careful when using this type of grit sandpaper as it can ruin the original surface and form great marks on your wood. If you decide to use the sandpaper, be cautious and follow the manufacturer's guidelines to the letter. Do not forget to put on protective gear

2/Medium Coarse Sandpaper

On the grit level, the medium coarse sandpaper is graded around P80-P180. It provides an excellent paint removal level, which is not likely to damage the underlying surface.If your surface is a complicated design, it is highly advisable to make use of the medium coarse sandpaper so that you can offer protection to the carved design underneath the paint.

3/Medium Sandpaper

The grit grading of the medium sandpaper is higher, ranging from P180 to P500. This type of sandpaper is not efficient in removing multiple layers of paint it works best when you have already reduced the amount of paint on the surface.Medium sandpaper is effective at eliminating the final layers of paint. It is also the ideal sandpaper for paint that has already chipped.

Safety Tips For Paint Removal

  • Regardless of the product you choose to use always put on a face mask and gloves.
  • Wear an apron or old clothes.
  • To avoid messing the environment, ensure that you have laid some old newspapers on your working place.


Besides knowing what grit sandpaper to remove paint from wood, it is also essential to know the types that cannot get the task done:

  • The fine sandpaper with a grit level of P500-P1200.
  • The very fine sandpaper which has a grit grading of P1200 or more.

Remember to take it easy while sanding so as not to cause damage to your wood.

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